Osaka’s country side within a short distance from the center of Osaka

In order to enjoy walking through beautiful nature and traditional townscapes, we will introduce the Minamikawachi area, which is the country side of Osaka.

After retiring as a company employee last year, I’ve been running this site since May this year because I want people to know about our country side. (Currently: May 20, 2023)
It is a sightseeing site of the country side of Osaka.
We will introduce the scenery of the countryside of Osaka, which is close to the center and can be seen in a short time.

Recently, apart from the major tourist spots, there are many repeaters, so the demand for sightseeing in Japan’s country side, which can be reached in a relatively short time from the city center, is gradually increasing.

Speaking of Osaka, Umeda, Namba (Dotonbori), Tennoji, and other downtown areas are famous and crowded with tourists.

In Osaka, there are not only downtown areas like this, but also the countryside where nature and traditional townscapes remain.
The Minamikawachi area, located in the southeastern part of Osaka, is one such country side.

The townscape has the taste of the Showa era, and it is a place worth seeing with its famous historic sites.

Introduction to the Minamikawachi area of Osaka
The following municipalities are located in the Minamikawachi area.




Chihaya Akasaka-mura


And so on.
(*Please follow the link and check the location on GoogleMap.)
The distance from central Osaka to this area is short, and it takes about 40 minutes by train.
On this site, we would like to introduce
(1) walking courses
(This is a category for walking while enjoying the nature in the Minamikawachi area, which is the country side of Osaka.)
(2) traditional townscapes
(This is a category for strolling through the traditional streets of the Minamikawachi area, which is the country side of Osaka.)
(3)other scenery
(We introduce Other landscapes and scenery.)
with videos and photos.

※Please note that the videos and photos were taken three years ago, so they are images of the four seasons.

You can walk while watching the beautiful nature.

You can walk while looking at the traditional townscape.

We will introduce events that you can see and experience in the area.

This is a category that introduces the scenery of the neighborhood where I live.

We will introduce scenic spots in neighboring prefectures (Wakayama and Nara) adjacent to Osaka.