Shimo-Akasaka Terraced Rice Fields Walking Course (chihaya akasaka village)

It is one of the few remaining rice terraces in Osaka.And it is a popular spot for photographers.
*This video was taken in September 2019.

Destination Chihaya Akasaka In front of the fire station
Transportation from central Osaka:
①Take the Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line/Nagano Line (bound for Kawachinagano) from Osaka-Abenobashi Station to Tondabayashi Station (about 30 minutes)
② Take the Nankai Koya Line from Namba Station to Kawachinagano Station (about 30 minutes ride)
*Change to the Kintetsu Nagano Line at Kawachinagano Station and head to Tondabayashi Station (about 7 minutes)
Transportation from Tondabayashi Station:
Change to Kongo Bus and get off at Chihaya Line to “Fire Station Mae” (approximately 20 minutes)
You will arrive at the rice terraces in about 10 minutes on foot.
Parking Please use the free parking lot near the fire station front bus stop.
There are no restrooms nearby. Please use the toilets at roadside stations, etc.

Shimo-Akasaka Terraced Rice Fields:
It spreads out at the foot of the Shimo-Akasaka Castle Ruins, which was the scene of the battle of Masashige Kusunoki, the greatest hero of Chihaya-Akasaka-mura.

It has been selected as one of the “Top 100 Rice Terraces of Japan” certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and many photographers come here to capture the setting sun that shines on the surface of the water from spring to summer, and how the golden rice stalks sway in the wind in autumn. people are coming.

Experience a moment of healing at the Shimo-Akasaka terraced rice fields, which show a variety of expressions depending on the season.

Shimoakasaka Castle Ruins
Behind Chihaya Junior High School, Shimo-Akasaka Castle Ruins is located in a great location overlooking the terraced rice fields.
It is a castle related to Masashige Kusunoki.
Unfortunately, there are almost no remains of the structure, only a stone monument, but it is a place with a very good view, and you can see the terraced rice fields.

In autumn, the ears of rice turn yellow and it is time to harvest. The color scheme of the color of the sky and the color of the ears of rice is beautiful.

If you walk further along the road that continues from the terraced rice fields, you will reach the Moriya district of Chihaya Akasaka Village, where traditional houses still remain.

I took a picture of the Moriya district from above. If you come to the rice terraces, please also visit the Moriya area.