Amami Promenade Walking Course

Amami Promenade is a promenade that uses the abandoned railroad tracks.It’s gentle, so it’s perfect for walking with your family.
*This video was taken in November 2020.

Destination: Chihayaguchi Station on the Nankai Koya Line
Transportation from central Osaka:
Nankai Koya Line From Namba Station to Chihayaguchi Station (about 40 minutes ride)
Get off at Chihayaguchi Station and walk 2 minutes to Amami Promenade

After exiting the ticket gate and walking to the left, there is a railroad crossing on the railroad track.

The road about 3m wide along the railroad track is the Amami Promenade. From there, the gentle way continues to Amami Station. It is ideal as a walking course for families.

Recently, it seems that it is commonly called “Totoro Road”.
Surrounded by trees, the narrow road with sunlight filtering through the foliage is a mysterious worldview where “My Neighbor Totoro” seems to appear.

This route is part of the abandoned track road of the Nankai Koya Line between Mikkaichimachi Station and Amami Station. The road is also used as a cycling road.

I arrived at Amami Station. It’s a small unmanned station. People walking can be seen here and there.

There is a Japanese-style inn called Nanten-en near the station. I would like to stay and see it once.

It is autumn leaves of the garden of Nanten-en. It was a beautiful mix of green, yellow and red.

Head to Iwai Shrine from Amami Station

You can see traditional Japanese houses and rural scenery.

I arrived at Kanii Shrine.

I took a picture of the fallen leaves on the stone steps because they were beautiful.