Kawachinagano Takihata walking course

The lush green surroundings are well-maintained as a recreational village with campsites, promenades, fishing ponds, and restaurants.
*This video was taken in November 2019.

About 40 minutes from Namba to Kawachinagano Station on the Nankai Koya Line
Or about 40 minutes from Tennoji Station on the Kintetsu Minami-Osaka/Nagano Line to Kawachinagano Station
Take a bus bound for Takihata Dam (terminal) from Kawachinagano Station for about 50 minutes

Upstream of Ishikawa, which flows through the southeastern part of Osaka Prefecture, lies the largest dam in Osaka Prefecture, the Takihata Dam. It was completed in 1981 as a multi-purpose dam for irrigating fields and supplying water. There is a promenade in the surrounding area, and it is also popular as a hiking and walking course.

The lush green surroundings are a recreational village with camping sites, walking trails, fishing ponds, and restaurants. Many migratory birds fly to the artificial lake created by the dam every year. Mandarin ducks in particular stay here from around the end of October to around the beginning of March of the following year.

If you go further upstream from Takihata Dam, you can see “Takihata 48 Waterfalls”.
Located at the trailhead of Mt. Iwawaki and Mt. Makio, representative waterfalls include Kotaki, Arataki, Gokotaki, and Gongentaki.
It is also famous as a hiking course around waterfalls, and a map is distributed on the website of Nankai Electric Railway.