I took an aerial shot of Mt. Katsuragi in Nara.

I climbed Mt. Yamato Katsuragi with a friend by ropeway and took aerial shots.

*This video was taken in August 2019. Also, I got permission from the manager to take a picture.
Location: Yamato Katsuragiyama, Nara Prefecture
Access: About 36 minutes by limited express from Kintetsu Osaka Abenobashi Station to Kintetsu Gose Station
16 minutes by bus from Gosho Station to the trailhead
6 minutes from Ropeway Tozanguchi Station to Katsuragi Sanjo Station
About 15 minutes on foot to the top

From Katsuragi Tozanguchi Station to Katsuragi Sanjo Station, you can take the Mt. Katsuragi Ropeway, which runs through the magnificent mountains.
Surrounded by rich nature, you can enjoy the view from the air for about 6 minutes to the summit.

With azaleas in spring, Japanese pampas grass and autumn foliage in autumn, and frost-covered trees in winter, the scenery changes with the seasons, attracting visitors. You can stay overnight at the Katsuragi Kogen lodge or campsite, and you can experience the charm of Mt. Katsuragi throughout the year.