I took a walk in Koyasan and saw beautiful autumn leaves.

Koyasan is a sacred place of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism that represents Japan, founded by Kobo Daishi about 1200 years ago.
The contrast between red and yellow autumn leaves and green was beautiful, and it was a wonderful scenery.

*This video was taken in November 2020.
Take the limited express train from Namba Station on the Nankai Koya Line and get off at Gokurakubashi Station, about 1 hour
About 7 minutes to Koyasan Station by Nankai Koyasan Cable
Koya-cho about 15 minutes by bus

I went to Mt. Koya with 2 friends in full bloom of autumn leaves.
One of my friends, Mr. N, was born and raised in Koya-cho. This time, I took a walk around Mt. Koya with Ms. N as a guide.