Hiking to Odaigahara Mt. Hinodegatake

The road is well maintained, but be careful. There was a sign warning of bears.

*This video was taken in October 2020.
Access to Odaigahara is only possible from mid/late April to around the end of November.
When using public transportation, take the Kintetsu Train to Yamato Yagi/Kashihara Jingumae Station, then transfer to the Nara Kotsu Bus to Odaigahara.

The leaves of the trees are colored. I don’t know the name of the tree, but I was moved by its beauty because it’s something you don’t usually see in residential areas.

Many people climb in groups. It seems that bears also appear, so it might be better to climb in a lively group. There may be a few people who come alone. But that kind of person must really like climbing.

I reached the top of Mt. Hnodegatake. This took about an hour. The wind is strong, isn’t it? It seems that the leaves of the trees are blown away by the wind. From now on, we will head to the next destination, Masakigahara. The soles of my feet hurt. I needed climbing shoes.