Kawachinagano Takihata mountain village scenery

I took a walk around the village of Takihata. The scenery of the mountain village where traditional houses are lined up is very nice.

*This video was taken in September 2019.
Location: Takihata, Kawachinagano City
About 40 minutes from Namba to Kawachinagano Station on the Nankai Koya Line
Or about 40 minutes from Tennoji Station on the Kintetsu Minami-Osaka/Nagano Line to Kawachinagano Station
Take a bus bound for Takihata Dam (terminal) from Kawachinagano Station for about 50 minutes

From the final bus stop, walk across the suspension bridge to the opposite bank. There is a small village with private houses lined up on the slopes of the mountain. It’s like the atmosphere of the Showa era. I felt very nostalgic when I saw the same scenery as the cityscape in my childhood.

If you keep walking along the road, you will come to the end of a private house, and you will come to a relatively large bridge where cars can pass. There was a river bed under it, and there were people camping and playing in the river.
*Please also see the scenery of the bridge in Takihata.