I took a walk in the neighboring village looking for spring.

While walking around the residential area of the neighboring village, I admired the plants and flowers in the garden through the fence. This walking is also quite interesting.

*This video was taken in February 2021.
I am currently living in a new residential area, but you can reach the old village with a short walk. This time, I took a walk around the neighboring village looking for signs of spring.
As I passed through the residential area, I saw a field. It’s still early spring, so nothing is growing.

After passing the field and crossing the railroad crossing, the house came into view. It’s a traditional house.

Flowers are blooming in the garden of a private house. Is it plum blossoms or peach blossoms? You can feel spring.
In this area, the row of houses, trees, fields, etc. are rural landscapes. I also like the traditional houses. It’s nice to see the garden through the fence while taking a walk.

There was also a bamboo forest. The green color of the stem and leaves is beautiful.

It was a little windy in the morning, but I was worried about my weight, so I walked for about 2 hours after a long time. In winter, the scenery is lacking in color, and I’m not very excited about taking pictures, but now it’s spring.
When I got home and weighed myself, I had lost 100g.