Specialties of Taishi Town

At the roadside station Chikatsu Asuka no Sato Taishi, Taishi mandarin orange sauce made with plenty of mandarin oranges produced in Taishi Town is sold, and goes well with okonomiyaki and tonkatsu.

Manyo-no-Mori is an outdoor spot in Taishi-cho, and mugwort manju is sold as a popular souvenir.

At the bakery restaurant “Centre du Village“, Taishi rolls are sold, and they are characterized by fluffy dough and cream using rice flour.

Kogetsudo is a long-established Japanese confectionery shop in Taishi-cho, and its water manju, which is perfect for summer, is sold as a popular souvenir.

At Yamamura Orchard, you can buy large purple Kyoho grapes and yellow-green Shine Muscat grapes at the direct sales store.

Taishi-cho is also attractive as a tourist spot, and is introduced as a place where you can enjoy choosing souvenirs.