Introducing Tondabayashi’s specialty handicrafts.

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Bamboo work is famous as a traditional craft of Tondabayashi City.
In the latter half of the Edo period, bamboo crafts flourished in Tondabayashi using madake bamboo harvested at the foot of Mt. Kongo and Mt. Katsuragi.
In 1996, it was designated as a national traditional craft under the name of ‘Osaka Kongo Sudare’, and has been handed down as a traditional industry of Tondabayashi.
The company that manufactures Kongo Sudare is “Sugita Seiren Co., Ltd.” located in Tondabayashi City, Osaka Prefecture.
Sugita Seiren Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells blinds that are made using traditional methods, in order to preserve the tradition of the traditional craft “Osaka Kongo Sudare”.
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*In addition, the company has a bamboo blind museum, but reservations are required to visit.
※The above photo is an image of a bamboo blind.