Terraced rice fields and the grave of Imoko Ono in Taishi Town

In Yamada, Taishi Town, Osaka Prefecture, there is a terraced paddy field on the edge of Empress Suiko.

*This video was taken in October 2020.
Ono no Imoko was dispatched as an envoy to the Sui dynasty during the reign of Emperor Suiko to the great power of the Sui Dynasty, which was then on the Chinese continent.

Onono Imoko’s grave is located on a small hill on the south side of Kacho Shrine in Taishi Town, Osaka Prefecture.

There is a small mound that is said to be the grave of Imoko Ono, and is managed by Ikenobo.

This terraced rice field is said to have been built during the reign of Emperor Suiko, and is considered one of the oldest terraced rice fields in Japan. In addition, this terraced rice field is one of the representative landscapes of Taishi Town and is one of the tourist attractions of Taishi Town.