“Walking at a rural station” Get off at Amami Station and see the garden of Nanten-en

I went to Nanten-en, a 1-minute walk from Amami Station.
Nanten-en is a traditional hot spring inn. (Radium hot spring)

1 minute walk from Amami Station on the Nankai Koya Line
The building was originally located in Ohama, Sakai, and was relocated in the early Showa period.
This building was designed by Kingo Tatsuno, the architect who designed Tokyo Station.

This time, I was shown only the garden.
It was quite an elegant garden using a natural mountain stream.
Two wild birds were swimming.

I am walking for health and diet. I lost about 5kg during the self-restraint period. Partly because of the food, but walking is also a big factor, and I will continue to walk in places with good scenery.

Well then, how about going a little further and walking around rustic suburban and rural stations?
After that, you will surely feel refreshed both physically and mentally.