What methods are there for foreigners to immigrate to Japan?

There are several ways for foreigners to immigrate to Japan.

・Get a work visa and work in Japan
・Get a student visa and study in Japan
・Get a marriage visa and get married in Japan
・Get a Permanent Resident Visa and Live Permanently in Japan

A work visa

A work visa is a visa required to work in Japan.
To get a work visa, you need to find a job in Japan and apply for a visa from that company.

A student visa

A student visa is a visa required to study in Japan. In order to obtain a student visa, it is necessary to pass a Japanese university or vocational school and apply for a visa from that school.

A marriage visa

A marriage visa is a visa required to marry a Japanese person and live together in Japan. To get a marriage visa, you need to marry a Japanese and apply for a visa from your spouse.

Permanent Resident Visa

Permanent Resident Visa is a visa required for permanent residence in Japan. To obtain a permanent residence visa, you must have lived in Japan for at least five years and meet certain conditions.

When a foreigner moves to Japan, it is necessary to apply for these visas.
You can apply for a visa at a Japanese embassy or consulate.

The visa application process requires your passport, visa application form, photos and other documents.
The visa application process can take some time, so it is important to apply early.

There are other methods as well. for example,

・Get an investor visa to invest in Japan
・Get a specific skill visa and work in Japan with a specific skill
・Obtain a refugee visa and be recognized as a refugee in Japan

An investor visa

An investor visa is a visa that can be obtained by investing a certain amount or more in Japan.

A specific skill visa

A specific skill visa is a visa for foreigners who can work in Japan with a specific skill.

Refugee visas

Refugee visas are for foreigners who may face persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, belonging to a particular social group, or expressing particular opinions or beliefs.

These visas can be more difficult to obtain than work visas, student visas, marriage visas, and permanent residence visas.
However, by obtaining these visas, you can move and live in Japan.

Before moving to Japan, it is important to find out more about these visas and choose the one that best suits you.