History and tradition of the Minamikawachi Area

Below is a brief introduction to the Minamikawachi area (Taishi Town, Tondabayashi, Chihaya Akasaka Village, Kawachinagano, etc.).
Each region has its own history and charm and offers many attractions for visitors.

Taishi Town:
Taishi Town is a charming neighborhood located in the Minamikawachi area of Osaka Prefecture.
The area is named after Prince Shotoku, an important figure in Japanese history.
Known as his hometown.
Also, there is an old highway called Takenouchi Kaido, where you can feel the footprints of history.

Tondabayashi City:
Tondabayashi is a town located in the Minamikawachi area, especially Jinaimachi, which prospered as a religious city in the Middle Ages.
In Jinaimachi, there are famous historical temples and facilities related to Buddhism.
It is also of interest to history buffs, with its medieval landscapes and architecture.

Chihaya Akasaka Village:
Chihaya-Akasaka village is part of the Minamikawachi area and is known as a distribution center for lumber and cotton.
The area is surrounded by nature and has beautiful landscapes, forests and farmlands.
The wood and cotton industries used to flourish, and the traditional townscape and handicrafts are attractive.

Kawachinagano City:
Kawachinagano is a town located in the Minamikawachi area, and has prospered as an important transportation hub since ancient times.
An old highway called the Koya Kaido runs through the area, and you can enjoy the historical buildings and scenery.
It is also known as Mikkaichi-shuku, and has a long history as a resting place for travelers.

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