Nature of the Minamikawachi Area

The Minamikawachi area (Tondabayashi City, Kawachinagano City, Kanan Town, Taishi Town, Chihaya Akasaka Village) is located in the southeastern part of Osaka City.
It is one of the countryside areas in Osaka where you can see the rich natural scenery such as mountain rivers and fields.
The Minamikawachi area can be accessed in about 30-40 minutes by train from Namba Station in central Osaka.

Photo: Shimoakasaka fields

In this area, you can see a rare rural landscape called terraced rice fields.
There is also the ruins of Shimo-Akasaka Castle here, and it was an old battlefield where a battle (Battle of Akasaka Castle) took place in 1331 at the end of the Kamakura period.

Photo: Ishikawa(river)

A beautiful river called Ishikawa flows through this area. You can see waterfowl playing from the riverside.
There is a promenade on the riverbed, and men and women of all ages are walking and cycling.
You can also see Mt. Yamato Katsuragi and Mt. Kongo in Nara from here.

Photo: Amami Promenade

There is also a promenade where you can walk while admiring the natural scenery of mountains, rivers, and fields.
Walking while viewing the cherry blossoms in spring, the fresh greenery in summer, and the autumn leaves in autumn will soothe your soul and lift your spirits.
*Please see the walking course.

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